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Take The Worry Out Of Property Ownership.


  Guardian Systems designs and builds high tech customizable wireless security systems.
A wide variety of wireless sensors can be monitored by our base unit, providing you with flexable security design options.

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Product Information

Security System Features

  • No land line is needed to receive phone calls
  • Wireless technology avoids sensor line disconnection
  • Send/receive daily status messages and arm/disarm 24/7
  • Retrieve GPS (Global Positioning System) coordinates and status via the internet 24/7
  • Calls up to 4 different phone numbers, with an automated event specific message, and sends a message to 4 different email addresses and 4 different SMS numbers
  • Securely access your contact information, history of events, and control panels through an internet connection
  • Customized security systems to fit your specific needs
  • Flexible monthly service plans

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