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Guardian Systems designs and builds wireless security systems. In other words, no matter what the application, we have you covered. In addition to your residence, we also design products to protect RVs, boats, or construction sites. Guardian Systems uses cellular technology, therefore, you have complete control of your security system anytime you need it.



Since 1999, Guardian Systems LLC has developed wireless security systems that help prevent property damage and loss. We design and sell systems for homes, jobsites, boats, RVs, tools, and more. Our products and our support team are located here in the USA.

Our robust, reliable systems are designed for easy installation and operation, with online activation, history logs, messaging and telephone notification for a hassle-free interface environment.

We strongly believe in and practice first rate customer service. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. Call to talk with a real person, not a machine.

(920) 769-0066


The strategic design of Guardian Systems panels and sensors produces a top notch all around system. As a result, you can rest assured your property is secure. The Guardian system offers different levels of protection and access depending on your specific needs. Wireless sensors work with the main access panel. They will deliver notifications to you within seconds of an event. The notifications you receive are sent by text, phone call and e-mail.  Notifications will be sent to anyone you choose to have access to your system.

The Guardian System can be as simple or complex as your needs require.  All of our basic packages include sensors for the average situation. In addition to the basic package, other sensors may be added. Remote access is another feature of the system. To clarify, you can turn on lights, AC or control door locks from anywhere in the world. The Guardian system can be controlled in different ways. You can access the system thru the control panel, thru the website or thru the mobile app. In addition, you have the ability to control access with member specific security codes. In other words, you can grant access to anyone you want to have monitor the system.

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