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Upon installation of the Guardian System,  you will immediately be able to monitor. Your online account stores all your monitoring data. Thru your online account you can input up to 31 users. You can add phone numbers for text and voice message notifications. You may also add up to 31 email addresses for email messaging. These may be changed these as needed. Add as many or as few as you wish. Upon the triggering of an alarm, you will receive a message in just a couple seconds. For example, if someone opens a door, you will receive the message- “This is your Guardian system.  You have received an intrusion alarm. Enter your code to disarm the system”. Each user receives a unique code which allows you to know who is gaining access, and when.

Security Camera

Connecting your Guardian System and managing it from your smart phone is quite simple.

Download The Guardian Systems App to your smart phone

Complete the use information

Control your Guardian System from virtually everywhere.


No land line is required. Our systems use cellular and satellite communication. 

Your system will always be in reach as long as you have your cell phone. 


Your system comes pre-programmed and tested. The only thing left is for you to decide where you want to install sensors and where to mount the control panel. No installation technician  needed!


You can connect our system to the battery on your RV or boat. Most operate on 12 Volts.


Since 1999 Guardian Systems has been providing the best all around security system on the market. We have built our own secure server from the ground up. Our sensors and panels are built tough to stand the test of time.


Thru the Guardian Systems App, you can access all controls of your system. The App is simple as taking pictures or sending a text message on your cell phone.


We can design a system for almost any application. Guardian Systems can be easily moved if you sell your house or move your job site. with no annual contracts, you can start or stop service at any time.

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