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180° HD Camera with Enhanced Zoom and Two-Way Audio. (ADC-V622)

The ADC-V622 provides exceptional indoor video surveillance for a home, apartment or small business. The robust camera is easy to set up, and it can be conveniently rested on a desk or a table. Mounting the camera is optional, and no holes need to be drilled.

As a 1080P indoor camera, the ADC-V622 offers some very impressive features and functionality. Its clean, modern design will fit in with almost any decor in a home or business. Its remarkable 180 degree field of view (FOV) lets it monitor larger areas without multiple cameras being required. The camera also provides an IR night vision range of up to 15 feet. The camera lens is rated at 1.62mm F2.3, and the device measures in at 3.125"L x 3.125"W x 5.2"H.

A special feature of the ADC-V622 is the touch-button on the top. Pressing this button will allow an individual to initiate a two-way audio call with the associated account on the app. This can be handy for getting into quick contact with the user upon entering the building. The user will receive the notification on their iOS or Android device, and they can immediately begin speaking with the individual at the camera. They will also be able to view the camera's feed right from their smartphone.

The ADC-V622 can communicate with through either a WIFI connection or a hardwired ethernet connection. The camera supports power over ethernet (PoE) for powering the device if an ethernet connection is used. if PoE is desired, but the network equipment in use does not support it, a PoE Injector can be used to facilitate this feature. If an ethernet connection is not used, an included ten (10) foot power adapter will provide power to the camera. Both 2.4 and 5 GHz WIFI frequencies are supported for the ADC-V622. Once the camera has been set up and configured with, a user can view the live feed for the camera at any time through the Mobile App or website. Digital pan, tilt and zoom functionality is also included

180° HD Camera with Enhanced Zoom and Two-Way Audio

  • 3.125"L x 3.125"W x 5.2"H.

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