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The Image Sensor is a pet immune PIR (passive infrared) motion detector with a built-in camera. The sensor is designed to capture images during alarm or non-alarm events. Users can also initiate image capture on-demand to peek in on their property. The sensor is battery powered, all wireless, and simple to install and operate. 

Image sensor

    • PIR Motion Detection
    • ETL certified for UL 639
    • Wireless connectivity for easy installation
    • Configurable PIR sensitivity including pet immunity
    • Available Zones: One zone per Image Sensor installed (Up to 3 Image Sensors per system)
    • Image Capture
    • Resolution: 320×240 (QVGA)
    • Color camera
    • Night vision with IR illumination
    • Black and white
    • Receive email or MMS alerts with images attached
    • Requires Guardian Monitoring plan
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